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Rextiles is a herpetocultural endeavor that has evolved from keeping reptiles as a hobby since 1994 to breeding various species and morphs since 2006. Rextiles is a combined effort from the husband and wife team, Troy & Tonya Rexroth.

Our main goal as herpetoculturists is to experience the next level of reptile husbandry through successful propagation of species that we enjoy keeping and working with, mainly Western Hognose, Gray-Banded Kingsnakes and Durango Mountain Kingsnakes.

To our customers, my mission is to provide not only healthy quality animals, but also the history and lineage of those animals as well as offering my knowledge and assistance to help others maintain and get as much satisfaction from the hobby as possible.

We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, minutes north of Portland, Oregon.

Please feel free to email me ( troy@rextiles.net ) with any inquiries. 

Thanks for your patronage!

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